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Icon-A-Day Icons Pack


256 x 256 Winows Vista Icon Pack

    Note del author:

These Icons were done as part of my Icon-A-Day tutorial sires. In the 1.1 Icon Pack all Icons have been updated to include 256×256 Windows vista Icons. This is the last update to the 1.0 Icons, as I will be starting a new Icon-A-Day Vista Compliant pack in March. It will be based on the original pack but with all the newly supported vista Icons Included.

Autor: mormegil
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Fantasticos Iconos 3D

3D Icons Pack. Formatos | ICO | PNG | PSD | Tamaño: 45.3MB.

ICO: son 245 iconos.
PNG: son 234 iconos.
PSD: son 2 iconos.



Crystal Clear Icons

Crystal Clear Icons es un espléndido paquete de casi 400 iconos, de elegante diseño en 3D y que abarcan prácticamente todos los temas (directorios, flechas, programas, imágenes varias, etc.). Los iconos de Crystal Clear Icons vienen presentados en categorías agrupados por calidad. Puedes elegir los iconos con formatos estándar de PC, o bien con formato PNG, de mucha más calidad gráfica.


XP Style Icons

Esta biblioteca de imágenes contiene iconos gif listos para usar tanto en tu PC como en tu página web o donde quieras.

Son vistosos, agradables y te permitirán personalizar los aburridos iconos predeterminados de Windows.


Vista Folders

Vista Folders

Want to feel the “Clarity” of Windows Vista on your Windows, then clean up with these folder icons.

90 icons to transform your tired old XP (or earlier) folders in to tomorrows Vista.
The icons range from files to programs to system based properties.
Including: Visual Styles, Firefox, Adobe CS2 Assorted, Thunderbird, Security, Themes, Icons, MSN, Quicktime, Macromedia assorted (Dreamweaver etc), Games (NFSMW, GTA SA), Pictures, Music, Mobile, Iso and Uploads/Downloads. Just to name a few!!

Format: Icon file format (.ico)
Sizes: 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16x pixels
Icons (#): 90


Also see Vista Folders 2 and Vista Folders 3


Q’s Vista Ready icons

Fabulosos iconos XP VISTA de Windows vista 3d y con iconos para lo juegos más conocidos como halo, quake, UT, half-life, counter-strike etc.

Descripcion en ingles

Q’s Vista Ready icons.

I had made these icons a while ago for Windows XP and decided to convert them to Vista format. The icons will size to 256X256 in Vista. I’m not sure how they work on XP, but I believe they will look correct up to 128×128 on XP.

Have Fun!


Fuente: deviantart.com